View of Tasting Paint at @artlery160 gallery.

Sound Stimulation by Mark
Rosen using didgeridoo.

Biofeedback monitoring .

Tasting Paint: Expanding Creativity

Are there secrets to being creative that non-artists can learn during the course of an exhibit?

Tasting Paint is an exploration, based on the premise that everyone is creative, and viewers have a role to play with artists in the creative process. Tasting Paint: Expanding Creativity, adds activities to exhibitions of Sloat Shaw’s work that invite viewers to explore the sensations of their own active creative brain. This ongoing project of painter Sloat Shaw, in collaboration sound artist, Mark Rosen, and with neurobiologists, Dr. Crispin Weinberg and Dr. David Vago, premiered in Boston on January 15 and ran through March 12, 2017 at the @artlery160 gallery.

In order to paint her mythic landscapes, Shaw discovered a way to activate the senses and shift into a heightened state of creativity. She began sharing these techniques with her students, to teach them to see around a curve, and learn to draw. Stimulating all of the senses - sound, touch, taste, smell and sight - changes perception even more profoundly and is at the heart of Tasting Paint. It gives viewers a role to play with artists in creativity and helps each viewer move from the rational to the non- rational complexes in the brain.

Shaw is exploring the use of bio-feedback monitors at exhibitions to document scientifically that a brain shift has occurred in the viewer, and to recognize the non-verbal, undefined boundaries of the creative state.

Sloat Shaw - Tasting Paint; Expanding Creativity, talk at Boston University